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What we do

We are a partner for those who foster biodiversity and mitigate climate change and its impacts.

A diverse biosphere and a stable climate are fundamental prerequisites for all life to thrive on our planet. The RELEX Foundation focuses on supporting initiatives addressing these critical goals. While doing so, we are committed to considering social justice and equity. This is how we approach our work:

1. We take on issues that really matter for biodiversity and climate but need more attention.

We aim to work on issues that need more attention and resources. Our focus isn't necessarily on 'the next big thing'; we also value proven approaches that require increased support and scale.

2. We support our partners in every way we can.

We are a partner for those who work for profoundly better futures for different inhabitants of the planet, from microbes to humans. Our role is to help them to succeed in their mission.

We provide financial support. We actively search for partnerships with those with whom we share the mission. We do not organize annual open grant calls. However, we consider proposals that align with the Foundation's priorities and criteria.

In addition to funding, we offer our expertise and utilize our networks to support our partners in meeting their needs and goals. This interaction also helps us to deepen our understanding of the issues, partners and the role we can play.

If you are interested in partnering with us, read more here.

3. We act as a convener where needed.

We collaborate with other actors to gather stakeholders around issues that need alignment, shared strategy building and growth of a collective movement.

To further our goals, we also:

Support, on a smaller scale, the promotion of equity and social inclusion among children and youth. We do not accept unsolicited proposals in this area.

Invest responsibly: The management of the RELEX foundation's assets is outsourced and guided by the foundation's board and CEO. Responsibility forms the basis of our investment operations, as responsible investing advances our goals and protects our investments from risks.

Minimize the adverse effects of our operations: As we seek to maximize the positive indirect impact of our grant-making and other activities on the environment and society, we also strive to minimize the climate emissions and other environmental and social harms caused by our operations. This involves choosing the most sustainable options and practicing thoughtful consumption in travel, catering, energy and materials, and compensating for harm as needed.

Photos by Mohamed Nasar and M.D. Jerry.