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The RELEX Foundation

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Our MissionRELEX Foundation for a Better Future aims to build better futures for generations to come, by fostering biodiversity, furthering climate change mitigation, as well as promoting human rights and increased equality across the world. Our role is to help the creators of better futures to succeed in their mission.

Apr 4, 2024

RELEX Säätiö etsii asiantuntijaa rakentamaan uuden säätiön luonto- ja ilmastotyötä

Innostaako sinua ajatus olla mukana luomassa uutta toimijaa, joka vie eteenpäin luonnon, ilmaston ja ihmisten hyvinvoinnin yhdistävää yhteiskuntaa? Hae 30.4. mennessä!

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Apr 4, 2024

RELEX Foundation is looking for an expert to join us in building our work on nature and climate

Does the idea of being involved in creating a new player to progress a society that combines the well-being of nature, climate, and people motivate you? Apply by April 30th!

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Apr 4, 2024

Over 9000 children and youth experience outdoor adventures with grants enabled by the collaboration of four foundations

Jan 26, 2024

BSAG strives to remove policy barriers to regenerative agriculture

Jan 2, 2024

Strengthening CMI's capacity to build peace